Irrigation System

So, this is my first real “Maker” project.  In fact it’s the whole reason I’ve been getting into this stuff in the first place.

“Why?” you may well ask.  Well the answer is just that I would like to, yes I have an existing system that works, but it’s cumbersome, incredibly difficult to work, sometimes is just plain faulty, and this seems like a fun and simple enough project to get into the whole controller thing with anyway.  The end result will I hope be a device that does what I want, and gives me the controls I want to have.

After all I want to have my Irrigation system to be a part of my internet of things, not just something I have to wander out into the garage corner to try to decipher.

I want to be able to turn on and off any zone in my irrigation system while I’m out in the garden, not running back and forth all the time from one side of the house ot the next or yelling through to someone else to do it.

I want to be able to measure how much wter I’m using, even have my system regulate itself and give it hotspots to work on with a target number of gallons to use per month and have it intelligently work out the best possible watering solution.

I want a system that monitors the weather and turns itself off if it’s going to rain.

I want the satisfaction of making this all myself.  So from here on this is my journey into doing this, and learning how/what/where and why I went wrong (and hopefully right), and with any luck I’d like to end up with a solution that lives up to expectation and I can share with the rest of the world.

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