Relaying some progress

Per-Anders Irrigation, Maker

So the first phase of this is now complete, I’ve managed to hook up three SeedStudio relay shields without much trouble to the Arduino Uno and run the test code to see that theyr’e all working. The relays are going to control the individual Zones of the irrigation system.  It’s not the most complex setup, but i’ll quickly go over …

Per-AndersRelaying some progress

First Forrays into Raspberry Pi

Per-Anders Irrigation, Maker

So I began my exploration of the Raspberry Pi a couple of days back having tracked one down to my local Radioshack. The purpose of the Pi in my setup is to give me a nice visual control system as well as wifi. To that end I’ve ordered myself a nice touchscreen for the Pi from Chalkboard electronics and I …

Per-AndersFirst Forrays into Raspberry Pi

True Depth Of Field (without Physical Renderer)

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

The Depth of Field effect in cinema 4d has been rather puny to say the least up until Version 8, but now we have depth of field that’s actually noticeable on an image larger than a postage stamp “Hurrah!” I hear you say. Well, don’t get too excited, there are a number of problems with this ne DOF filter “Boo!” …

Per-AndersTrue Depth Of Field (without Physical Renderer)

The C.O.F.F.E.E. SDK Primer

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

To start off with make sure you either have downloaded the latest COFFEE SDK from or you’re browsing the online version (which is actually more recent than the downloadable version). The COFFEE SDK is where you will find explanations for how to use all the commands and functions built into COFFEE. Lets take a look at one now, The …

Per-AndersThe C.O.F.F.E.E. SDK Primer

The C.O.F.F.E.E. Node Primer

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

Introduction New to version 8.1 of Cinema 4D is the COFFEE node, many of you will be scared stiff by this little baby, but really there’s no need to. Soon I’ll have you embracing that COFFEE node, and many of you may even take the next step and move onto COFFEE tags or even full blown COFFEE plugins. It really …

Per-AndersThe C.O.F.F.E.E. Node Primer

Soft Selections with Mocca

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

ome of you may know of something called soft selections in other packages. These are basically falloffs based around your cursor, or sometimes falloffs based on a weightmap. Anyhow now i’m going to show you how ot do something like this using Mocca. Start out by making a Plane object, make it about 700 by 700. Make the plane editable …

Per-AndersSoft Selections with Mocca

Quick Toon Shading

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

Ok, so here’s a real quicky… you want nice thick edges around your characters? You want soft edges? You want edges that have texture and line variation? You want edges that have a gradient on them? Here’s how you too can do this. The limits of this technique are that if your polys aren’t connected to other polys (as around …

Per-AndersQuick Toon Shading

Camera Exposure Controls

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

Now that you can key post effects in release 8 of Cinema 4D we have a whole host of new possibilities that just weren’t possible in previous releases. One of these is the ability to add extra controls to the objects in your scene. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to control post effects with your objects …

Per-AndersCamera Exposure Controls

Thinking Particles Sprites

Per-Anders Cinema 4D, Tutorials

This is a neat way to render lots of particles fast and also fake volume or light particles. It’s got a number of other uses too, but let’s start with the very basics. Why use sprites? Simple, less geometry=faster render times. Usually a sprite is on a single poly, this is about as little geometry as you can get! Much …

Per-AndersThinking Particles Sprites

Welcome to my new site!

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Hello and welcome to my new site! About time I hear you say, and you’d be right.  It’s been nearly 8 years since this website was last given a refresh which practically puts it back somewhere shortly before the planck epoch in internet timescale.  So here it is, the new and don’t fear the old tutorials and resources haven’t …

Per-AndersWelcome to my new site!